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Learn all about wonderful vegan food.


We cook delicious vegan food.


We find great healthy places and products.


We are fun and compassionate.

VegosAmigos, forever!

We are here to spread great food and health. We are here to encourage people to seek out healthier ingredients and restaurants as a way to better themselves and their environment. Vegan lifestyles save lives and our precious earth, and that’s just what we want. We are not here to complain about the current state of things, make money scamming people, or make false promises. We are here to promote compassion. And we think we do that pretty well!

Every delicious dish you see is something you can re-create, saving an animal and expanding your skill-set. Have specific questions about something you see? Get in touch! We would love to talk, so don’t hold back anything, even if you feel silly asking some “rookie” question. We are all at different points in our journey towards better health and being a better person, so no question is silly.

We really are amigos.

We are a group of vegan friends from Long Island, NY. We’ve got musicians, artists, counselors, and big thinkers who want to change the world. Think you’d be a good addition to our team? Call or Email us!

Meet the Amigos

MKOB | Michael Kevin O'Brien

Michael O’Brien

Favorite flavors Mango • Tahini • Anything way too spicy

Michael (mkob) is a vegan artist and web/graphic designer. While he isn’t running MKOB Design, he is making music and spreading joy.

Stephanie Tolino

Is a sucker for Kale • Avocado • Chocolate covered espresso beans

Stephanie Tolino graduated from Queens College in May of 2013 with a Masters degree in School Counseling. Currently, she is dedicated to her yoga practice, veganism, singing/songwriting, and promoting compassion to others through these vehicles.

Steph Tolino
Liane Brust

Liane Brust

Absolutely loves Dill • Tahini • Hot Sauce

Liane Brust recently spent 3 months working on organic farms along the east coast of the US and used Will Travel For Vegan Food as a guide for her vegan restaurant choices. She has a background in Applied Mathematics & Statistics, but after going vegan has realized her true passion – making, sharing, eating, anything involved with awesome vegan food.