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big ole salad using fresh, local organic veggies & may wah vegan chik’n

May Wah Vegan Chicken Nuggest are the best I’ve ever tasted.  May Wah is non-gmo, no msg, and these particular nuggets are gluten free, too!

may wah

I just tossed these in a cast iron skillet with some olive oil and let these babies fry up.  It’s important not to move or flip them while they’re cooking and just let them sizzle in place for a bit – it gives them that nice cooked coating.  I cut them up and put them on a salad, then sprinkled some cayenne pepper on top: vegan spicy chicken salad.  YES!

big ole salad using fresh, local organic veggies & may wah vegan chik'n

May Wah was founded in 1995 and is located in Chinatown, NYC.  They have become one of the largest vegan distributors in NY, and are responsible for many of the amazing faux meat dishes that we’ve had the pleasure of tasting at vegan restaurants in NYC.

Even if you’re not a huge faux meat fan, I highly recommend giving May Wah products a try.  Don’t like soy?  Not a problem – there’s vegan duck meat, vegan shrimp rolls, vegan crab steak!  Gluten free?  Easy – vegan squid, vegan cocktail sausage, vegan healthy chicken.  They have quite a few different lines that cater to specific dietary needs, all of which have no negative effect on the deliciousness of the product!

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