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Tempeh Wings with Ranch Sauce

To make this ranch sauce all you need is: Vegenaise Almond or Soy or Coconut Milk Garlic Powder Dill Parsley Onion Powder ACV Mix it up, dip it in, and melt forever.

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Tempeh Salad in Red Cabbage with Avocado

This is a delicious, easy, super quick, and super versatile recipe. Have fun and like always, get creative with it! Ingredients -1 brick tempeh (this recipe can easily be halved, quartered, doubled, whatever you like!) -quarter red onion (or scallions- … Continue reading

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Sweet Nuts! An Easy Raw Vegan Dessert (or Breakfast)

Try this quickie out. You will be so happy you did it. Ingredients: Brazil Nuts (replace with whatever nuts you like. Pecans would work fantastically.) Pitted Dates (in equal proportion to the nuts, volume wise) Maple Syrup Cinnamon Himalayan Pink … Continue reading

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Mini Quiche Madness: Broccoli and Cheddar with home made Almond crust

Impress your guests with these delicious little appetizers. Or, ya know, eat them all by yourself. We don’t judge. You can even make a batch of these to reheat in the morning for a quick on-the-go breakfast. The spices can … Continue reading

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