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VegosAmigos shares raw, vegan, gluten free, healthy recipes, reviews, and events. We love the earth and all of the animals and other creatures on it!

Sweet Nuts! An Easy Raw Vegan Dessert (or Breakfast)

Try this quickie out. You will be so happy you did it. Ingredients: Brazil Nuts (replace with whatever nuts you like. Pecans would work fantastically.) Pitted Dates (in equal proportion to the nuts, volume wise) Maple Syrup Cinnamon Himalayan Pink … Continue reading

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Creamsicle Smoothie

Easiest wonderful recipe. Ingredients Bananas 2 parts Vanilla Almond Milk (or vanilla whatever-cruelty-free-milk) 1 part orange juice Ice YUM. It’s a childhood favorite! Except it’s not made of poison haha why did our parents feed us those things?

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Morning Ezekiel

Ingredients Ezekiel Bread Daiya Cream Cheese (you have to try this if you haven’t) Avocado Red Onion Tomato Just toast, then top!

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Brunch on a bagel

Ingredients tofu nutritional yeast turmeric garlic powder sea salt black pepper cayenne pepper a splash of almond milk spinach daiya brand mozzarella shreds, provolone and Swiss slices. Put that thing on a bagel with a hashbrown.

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