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Don’t Teese me with that cheese.

So, the first thing we worry about when converting from Vegetarian to Vegan is usually something like “WHAT DO I DO WITHOUT PIZZA!?” This is a questions I asked myself over and over until I found alternatives. Teese, is one of those alternatives. There are several varieties of textures and flavors of Teese, ranging from Nacho Cheese (yes like that gooey drizzle from your childhood) to thickĀ Mozzarella. While Teese isn’t my most favorite Vegan Cheese, it certainly fills a huge void and satisfies your urges. It gets a 7/10 on my scale of deliciousness.

TeeseSince cutting out dairy is (probably) the most important step for your health, try Teese and Daiya Cheese. Enjoy, and spread the cruelty free love. Every package you buy of this, instead of dairy, is actualized love in the purest form. Support plant based products. šŸ™‚

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