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Franks Red Hot Sauce is Vegan, don’t worry!

You may have noticed “natural butter type flavor” on the ingredient list of Franks RedHot Sauce, and thought “well, crap.” Vagueness like this isn’t usually hiding something a positive truth. Upon reading the ingredients of the “Hot Buffalo” variety, I searched online to find out if I have been poisoning my small stomach and body with some butter-type-stuff. I found the following post on

“I recently inquired about Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wings Sauce because it contains “natural butter type flavor” and other “natural flavors” and was told the following: “In response to your inquiry, the natural butter type flavor is made with natural ingredients derived from sources other than milk and butter. Please be assured that the current formulations of Frank’s® RedHot® Sauces do not contain any animal derivatives or synthesized milk proteins”.”
Cade Foster

The world rejoices! Spicy snacks forever!

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