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heavenly meal at Wild Ginger in Brooklyn, NY

heavenly meal at Wild Ginger in Brooklyn, NY

Starting with the top left and going clockwise.

For starters, we got the eggplant with miso and the seitan skewers with peanut satay sauce.  Both were incredible.  The eggplant literally melts in your mouth, and is the perfect combination of sweet and savory.  The skewers were impressive – massive chunks of seitan in a delicious peanut sauce.  Each skewer had a piece of onion, green pepper, and red pepper.

For main dishes, we got the Malaysian Curry Stew and the Pad Thai with tofu.  I’ve been to Wild Ginger 3 times now, and I just can’t seem to get myself to order an entree other than the Malaysian Curry Stew.  It is Out Of This World.  The soy protein used in the dish has a perfect chew to it, the curry is the best I’ve ever had, and the carrots/broccoli/potatoes are the perfect veggies to compliment the soy protein.  I love it.

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