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Lettuce Wrap Tacos

Lettuce Wrap Tacos


Refried Black Beans
Brown Rice
Grape Tomatoes
Yellow Onion
Oil of your choice

Cook your brown rice however you please. If this means boiling it, set aside an extra 30-40 minutes. You can always leave this out, it won’t kill the dish.
Then start by heating your oil on medium heat.
Once it’s nice and hot, add in your onion and garlic.
Cook for about four minutes, or until they are getting yellowish, and then your tomatoes.
Cook until the tomatoes are browning, then take them out and place them aside.
Scoop your onion and garlic into a food processor or bowl.
Get your refried black beans in there too, and start mixing.
Once mixed, scoop it into your lettuce wraps then cover with the remaining ingredients.
Slather that bad boy with sriracha, and inhale…mindfully.

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