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lunch at Terri in NYC was incredible – here’s the chik’n caesar salad on a gluten free wrap

lunch at Terri in NYC was incredible - here's the chik'n caesar salad on a gluten free wrap

FINALLY went to Terri in NYC!  So many people I’ve spoken to have raved about this place, swearing they make the greatest vegan sandwiches out there.  Choosing what to get was not easy, but two of us amigos decided on splitting the vegan chicken caesar wrap and the vegan bacon cheddar chicken ranch sandwich.  We ordered them on a gluten free wrap and gluten free bread, respectively.  The employees were kind enough to explain that the chicken and croutons did have wheat in it, but we were just trying to cut out some gluten where we could.

The food was AMAZING!  The caesar dressing on the wrap was rich and creamy, and the croutons added a beautiful crunch.  The bacon cheddar chicken ranch sandwich really is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.  The faux chicken was incredible – two whole grilled chicken patties cooked to perfection.  We were completely happy and satisfied, but liked our food so much that we agreed on getting ONE MORE THING to split before we left!

So we shared a quesadilla, which was smothered in daiya and served with a very tasty hot sauce.  We will definitely be going back again, and suggest you stop by for a delicious vegan meal if you’re ever in Chelsea, or now the Financial District at their new second location!

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