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Moroccan Tempeh with Garlic Kale

Moroccan Tempeh with Garlic Kale

Here is a wonderful vegan, gluten free, tempeh and kale dish.


Black or White Pepper
Hot Sauce (cayenne based hot sauce is preferred), Liquid Smoke, 1/4th cup of water
Coconut Oil (or any kind of oil you like for frying)

Steam your Tempeh for 3 minutes, then marinate in a bowl with a few dashes of Hot Sauce, liquid smoke, water, pepper and garlic.

Wash your kale, cut and set aside while your Tempeh marinates. The long it marinates, the better.

Put your tempeh on a pan on medium with some coconut oil for lubrication. While it crisps, occasionally pour the marinade over it, but save a little for your Kale. Add 2 parts Fennel, Ginger, Cardamom, Allspice, Black or White, Pepper, Coriander, Tumeric, and 1 part Nutmeg, Anise, and Cloves. Cook it with the dry spices, it’ll give it a smokey flavor. Pouring the liquid over it before you spice helps the spices stick.

Once you’re happy with the crispiness of your Tempeh, take it out, cover it in a bowl or on your plate to keep it warm, and put your Kale in that pan, or a pot, and put 1/4th – 1/2 cup of water and kale in it. Put some lemon and garlic over that kale, and feel free to add a little cinnamon if you’re in the mood for something different. It goes well with the Moroccan blend. Pour some of your marinade over it if it needs more moisture.

Once you’re satisfied with the softness of the kale, and the taste, plate it and enjoy!

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