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NYC Green Festival: Juice, Salsa, Macaroons and Happiness

The Green Festival in NYC was held at pier 94 this weekend, April 26th-27th. There were eco-friendly exhibitors spreading their food, products, and awareness of some serious issues. There were talks and lectures on topics from cooking to technology, but let’s focus on the vegan stuff that tastes good.

There we saw some familiar faces, and some new ones. Instead of bragging about the 2 million brands we saw, and food we ate, I’ll tell you about who touched our hearts the most!

First of all, one of the Vitamix guys was hilarious and a little crazy. He definitely made watching people blend things fun, which I don’t usually draw a crowd with.

IMG_6677Love Grace was there, as sweet as ever, sharing their delightful juices.

They have a variety of flavors that will turn you healthy, instantly (you’ll feel that way, at least). One of their most potent juices is their Green Sunshine. The flavors blend so darn well, and the presence of Chard is really distinct in the world of juice cleanses. Of course, I got myself a Ginger Bomb because, well, it’s incredible. It shrinks your stomach too! If you’re ever going to a yoga class and you want to push your twists to the next level, grab one of these before you practice.



Another person who touched our hearts and tastebuds was Gustavo, the man behind Gustavo’s Salsa.


His spicy chipotle salsa was one of the tastiest things I had all day. I came back three or four times to his delight. Such a friendly man. If you happen to go to the Vegan Shop Ups at Pine Box Rock Shop, you will most likely see him there. Get his salsa, it’s a thousand percent worth it.


IMG_6673We also met a new team in town, DF Mavens! This vegan ice cream maker had fantastic dairy-free, preservative free, kosher flavors. We tried the vanilla and chocolate (I know, we are very exciting people) and were surprised and happy to find that there was no added sugar in these.


IMG_6681MacaroonsFinally, the brussel snacks I’ve been asking for for years. They’re here! The sweetheart behind this table shared with us these tasty snacks, and her wonderful raw vegan Coco-Roons. I’m sure you’ve seen this packaging around, I know I have. It was not until yesterday that I met these people and saw how deeply they cared for their products, and their consumers! This lady (who’s name I did not get) shared info on the snacks and urged us to try em all three times.

This was a fun and tasty event, but I feel that I shouldn’t end this without mentioning that daiya and follow your heart stole the show with their goodness.

Daiya had ridiculously good grilled cheeses, cream cheeses, and cold slices on crackers.

Follow your Heart had absolutely fantastic grilled cheeses with an amazing spicy fiesta blend cheese, tartar sauce on crackers, and horseradish sauce on crackers.

Definitely looking forward to going back next year.

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