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Phacts about PH

Here is a useful list of ph levels in water. I was so glad to find this information, so I had to share!

Water with a pH of 4: Penta Water, Distilled Water, Purified Water, Aquafina (made by Pepsi), Dasani (made by Coke), Glaceau Fruit Water, Le Blue Water, Metro Mint Water, Pellegrino (made by Nestle), Perrier (made by Nestle), Smart Water, and Vitamin Water.

Water with a pH of 4.5: Reverse Osmosis Water and Ice Age Glacial Water.

Water with a pH of 5: Appalachian Springs Water and Poland Springs Water (made by Nestle)

Water with a pH of 5.5: Crystal Springs Water, Dannon Spring Water, Pure American Water.

Above are Acidic. You probably shouldn’t drink this.

Below are Alkaline (well, 7 is neutral)

Water with a pH of 7: Arrowhead Water, Crystal Geyser Water, Deep Park Water (made by Nestle), Eldorado Springs Water, Supermarket Spring Water.

Water with a pH of 7.5: Biota water, Fiji Water, Whole Foods 365 Water, Zephyrhills Water (made by Nestle)

Water with a pH of 7.9: Eden Springs Water.

Water with a pH of 8: Deep Rock Water, Evamore Water.

Water with a pH of 10: None. Make it yourself with a Water Ionizer

I got this information from comfy tummy.

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