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Pulp (non)Fiction

All too often I would find myself, after juicing, cleaning out the pulp and thinking “I wonder what I can do with this”- as I empty it into the garbage can. Due to my current situation (having no access to an oven for cooked meals and a seemingly endless supply of fruits and vegetables to juice) this is a thing of the past, as I am relying partly on this pulp for meals. Reading on you will find three easy, deliciously raw recipes for the assorted pulps of your favorite veggies.

I must add that these are just the ingredients that I had available and the dishes I decided to make with them. The possibilities are ENDLESS. So play around with it, use your favorite fruits and vegetables and get creative!


Vegetable pulp (I used carrot, mango, tomato, blueberry, orange, apple, lemon, garlic, ginger, and an edible weed called sorrel with a delicious twang that’ll turn your face inside out. It was DELICIOUS but again, use whatever you have.)



Apple cider vinegar

Braggs liquid aminos

Lemon juice

Pickle juice


Nutritional yeast


Combine dressing ingredients in a bowl to desired taste and consistency. Add vegetable pulp and mix well. Wrap it in a leaf of your choice or eat it as is!


Pulp Soup

Pulp Soup 2

Carrot, Orange, Onion (pulp and juice)

Juice the items and collect the pulp. Pour juice into pulp to desired consistency. Spice to taste. How easy is that!?


Raw Dessert Balls

Raw Balls

Carrot pulp

Pitted dates

Agave nectar


Cacao powder


Flax meal

Wheat germ

Pecan meal.

Toss everything in the food processor and form into balls of desired size.  Roll them in pecan meal and throw ‘em in the freezer. In a few short minutes you’ll have a tasty frozen treat!


So next time you bust out the juicer I hope you remember some of these ideas, or come up with one of your own. If not, toss the pulp in your compost/garden/somebody else’s garden/some dirt somewhere.

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