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Raw Creamy Broccoli Dip

When I’m hungry in the kitchen, there is usually no time for diving into my recipes-to-make folder, nevermind making a trip to the grocery store for any necessary ingredients. The only diving I’m doing is straight into the refrigerator, grabbing whatever is calling my name. Isn’t that always how the best recipes are created anyway?

My favorite kitchen-sink recipes are always raw dressings because they tend to be quick and easy. This recipe is one I whipped up for my tempeh buffalo wings. It was the perfect cooling dip for those spicy sticks. I would compare it to a ranch or blue cheese. All you’ll need for this recipe is a cutting board and a blender. Bear with me though, the hungrier I am, the less I measure my ingredients…


3 large pieces of raw broccoli
2 cloves of garlic
2T tahini
2T lemon juice
1T apple cider vinegar
1T agave nectar
Mustard Powder (or a dash of some spicy brown)
Nutritional Yeast
Oil and/or Water (for mixing)


1. Throw all ingredients in blender with a small amount of water (or oil) and continue to pulse until the ingredients start to amalgamate.

2. Continue to add water to assist the blending process. Taste dip as you go, adding more spices as you see fit.

3. Enjoy this creamy goodness as a dressing on salads or a dip!

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