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Raw Cucumber Pasta with a Basil Tahini Dressing

Raw Cucumber Pasta with a Basil Tahini Dressing

What you’ll need:

5 or 6 cucumbers

1/2 – 1 ish cup of tahini

about 10 basil leaves

around 1-2 tbs of liquid aminos

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

splash of apple cider vinegar

splash of lime juice

1 avocado



1. Cut each cucumber halfway through to the center lengthwise, and run through a spiralizer.  Cutting them like this makes it so that they don’t come out as one long spiral, but rather a bunch of C shaped curls that I find much easier to eat.

2.  Combine the remaining ingredients except the avocado in a food processor.  Taste the dressing and make sure you like it – add more nutritional yeast, or liquid aminos, or whatever you wat until you love it!  You may also have to add a little water for consistency.

3.  Mix the dressing with the spiralized cucumbers.

4.  Add cut up avocado on top and serve.


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