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Raw Vegan Gluten Free Tacos!

Good golly, miss Molly, was this a hit.
This is currently being sold at ZenWay Natural Foods Market in Bay Shore, NY, Long Island :D.

Taco “Meat”

combine the following in a blender and smile.
Sundried tomatoes
Olive Oil
red onion
Cumin, smoked paprika, cayenne, chipotle
(optional), cilantro, liquid smoke
and a tiny bit of Agave Nectar!

Cashew Cheeze

combine the following in a blender and sniff.
Olive Oil
Nutritional Yeast

Then throw some Avocado and sliced Grape tomatoes on top.

put within Collard Green or Cabbage or Lettuce wraps.

Then eat that Raw Vegan goodness!


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