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Review: Pipernilli Cookies – The Coutore Cookie Company

Vegan Cranberry Glitz cookie by Pipernilli | VegosAmigos

I got to try three cookies this week, Cashmere Drops, Cranberry Glitz, and 14-Karat Cake, which is a cookie- I swear.

Vegan Cashmere Drops cookie by Pipernilli | VegosAmigos

Cashmere Drops

These little golden pieces of happiness had the most perfect pillowy texture and chew. It was moist, soft, and thick enough to let you know that it’s there. It is primarily a sweet potato taste, with subtle citrus notes. It reminds me of a sugar cookie, but for adults. The best part was that the fall flavored aftertaste kept getting better and better. It did not want me to forget it, so it lingered and transformed.

Vegan Cranberry Glitz cookie by Pipernilli | VegosAmigos

Cranberry Glitz

This has a sincere cranberry taste with orange subflavors. As you chew this dense and moist cookie you release more and more cranberry taste. This is a fruity delight with its flavors up front. It pairs nicely with a glass of coconut milk, and would be thoroughly enjoyed by youngins.


Vegan 14 Karat Cake cookie by Pipernilli | VegosAmigos

14-Karat Cake

Oh good god. This is the whole reason I am writing a review. It is the most complex cookie I’ve ever had. It tastes like I am eating carrot cake, icing and all. This is a gourmet desert in a small round deceiving cookie. There are so many flavors blended so well.

It contains grated carrots, pineapple, raisins and walnuts. The first taste you pick up is the smokey walnut which is tailed by an undeniable carrot-heavy-sweetness. A few seconds into chewing, in comes the flowering icing essence. It is pungent and delicious. Like watching a movie with your tongue; the scenes change and reveal more and more of the story.

I am not kidding when I tell you that you need to get this cookie, and eat it with your eyes closed.

Thank you, Pipernilli, for one of the best cookies I’ve ever had. Ever.

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