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Revitalizing Juice Cleanse – Love Grace

My first cleanse was a huge learning experience. Not only did I learn a lot about my emotional attachment to food (whoa, right?), but I learned how energized I could feel from food. I followed a 5 day cleanse regimen by Vegos Amigos’ pals, Love Grace. Since the first couple of days without food primed my colon for nutrient absorption, the high vitamin content in Love Grace’s Juices were completely appreciated. I was never bogged down and exhausted, the way I feel after eating a nice meal. The vibrancy and vitality I lived with during most of the week inspired me to not only eat less per meal, but eat more raw food. As Carissa, one half of Love Grace, says, “raw foods unlock your super powers!” Nothing could be more true.

Since the cleanse I feel:

More Energized
Less tired after meals
More inspired to eat healthier
More in tune with my own body
More Regular than ever 😀

Some things you will want to be careful with:

Your Alcohol Consumption. After cleansing you are a lightweight. Drinks affect you more, and your hangovers are multiplied.
Your Stomach’s Size. After cleansing your stomach is much smaller than it was. You can now eat less and feel full. Don’t abuse your body afterwards. If your goal is to go back to eating as much as you did before the cleanse; give it two weeks or more of weening into your desired volume. But volume should never be your goal, nutrition should be your focus.

I urge everyone to cleanse, even if you are a raw food vegan through and through. Especially if your diet is not too good.

Love Grace Juices

Love Grace Juices

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