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Sluggos North in Chatanooga Virginia is amazing

Upon stepping into this sunny 50s diner inspired DIY vegan restaurant I was greeted by a tall kind man. He directed me to the menus and the specials board where I read the everlasting all vegan menu. I was quickly flustered as I felt that I had to try everything. Everything.

My pals and I decided to split a few dishes.

The Mac n cheese
We added tempeh bacon and hot sauce because it’s the best combo ever. You should get on that, you’ll be so happy. It was smokey, hot, gooey, and wonderful. I’d recommend it.



The Mushroom Quesadilla
with cashew cheese and creamy lime dressing
This was absolutely fantastic. The creamy lime tied together the chewy bright goodness of the mushroom salsa combo. You need to try this.



The Chickpea Stew
A smokey delight which was a nice break from the super gluten meal. It was soulful and hardy.



Zucchini Griddle Cakes
These took the cake and the pie. Maybe even the best dish I had there, though it’s really hard to choose. Fantastic spicy vegan mayo, fa sho.



The Tofu Caesar Salad
I am no salad lover, admittedly, but this one is definitely something I would get again if I were a local. Since I’m not, ill try something new every time I’m there. The dressing was thick and authentic, and the croutons were large and in charge. The tofu had a good bumpy seasoned texture. I was pleasantly surprised. I usually see salad as something you get when you’re at a restaurant by accident and you’re not hungry. This is far from a space filler. If you’re not trying to expand your stomach size try this.


Get the Berliner. It’s amazing. Amaaaaaaazing I say. I don’t have a picture of it unfortunately.

If you have a chance to go here, do it. You will be thrilled.

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