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Southwest Tempeh Bowl

Southwest Tempeh Bowl



Nutritional Yeast
Hot Sauce
Apple Cider Vinnegar
Coconut Oil
Lime (for the juice!)

Cayenne Pepper
Smoked Paprika
Cilantro (fresh! it’s worth it)
Salt (optional)

First thing’s first, thinly slice (1/8th inch) and steam that tempeh in some water in a small pan! Only 2-3 minutes is necessary. While it’s steaming combine a large splash of tamari, a small splash of Apple Cider Vinegar, a large splash of water, some lime juice, and Hot Sauce into a small bowl. This is your marinade. Feel free to put some spices in this too, they will cook into the tempeh. Once your tempeh is done steaming, put it in the marinade and let it soak for a bit. I’d say 5-10 minutes. The longer the better.

Next, warm some coconut oil in a pan and cut some white onions and garlic however you please. I like em large. Throw those into the oil and add some spices. Yes, add them to the oil, garlic, and onions. But be careful, cooking cayenne can make you cough, so I’d say add the Smoked Paprika, Cumin, Pepper, and Salt (if you wanna) to the oil and add cayenne with the kale (coming up soon).

Cut the spine from the kale, and set the leaves aside. Slice the spine thinly and set aside. Cut up those leaves too, but don’t combine them with the spine-strips. If you are washing the leaves, don’t let them stay too wet. Shake em around a bit.

Next, add your tempeh to the pan and fry it crispy. Let it cook with the onions, garlic and spices. This is when your neighbors come over to see what that amazing smell is. Once you are ready to flip your tempeh over and cook on the other side, add those kale spines.

When your tempeh has just one or two more minutes left (don’t cook it for more than 10 minutes), throw that kale on top. You want your tempeh to be slightly browned, or dark yellow-orange.  Cover with nutritional yeast, cilantro, and a few poofs of cayenne. Let cook for a minute then flip the kale over. The longer you cook it, the softer it gets. I know your tempeh is underneath, so be a tiny bit careful not to get the tempeh involved in the flipping. I mean, if you do, it’s no biggie, I just try not to break the tempeh up because cutting it into pieces while I eat is fun!

Take out a huge bowl and flip that food into it. Split, slice, and place your avocado into your bowl. Squeeze some more lime juice on top.


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