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Four Layer Vegetable Soup

An original! This soup is filling, nutritionally balanced, and delicious. Toasted quinoa? Of course it’s going to be good. Continue reading

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Vegan Deviled “Eggs”

After going vegan, one of the few foods I missed were deviled eggs.  I thought it was going to be impossible to ever find that taste again, and something about the idea of replacing the egg with tofu wasn’t cutting it for … Continue reading

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big ole salad using fresh, local organic veggies & may wah vegan chik’n

May Wah Vegan Chicken Nuggest are the best I’ve ever tasted.  May Wah is non-gmo, no msg, and these particular nuggets are gluten free, too! I just tossed these in a cast iron skillet with some olive oil and let these babies fry up.  It’s … Continue reading

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Quesadaiya! Gluten free chickpea salad, avocado, and arugula.

This quesadaiya took about 20 minutes and about 6 smiles to make. Feeds 3. Ingredients: Chickpeas (1 can) Avocado Arugula Red Onion (1/4th large) Celery (2-3 stalks) Tamari (splash) Apple Cider Vinegar (small splash) Liquid Smoke (dash) Nutritional Yeast Mustard … Continue reading

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Moroccan Tempeh with Garlic Kale

Here is a wonderful vegan, gluten free, tempeh and kale dish. Ingredients: Kale Tempeh Garlic Lemon Fennel Ginger Cardamom Allspice Black or White Pepper Coriander Tumeric Nutmeg Anise Cloves Hot Sauce (cayenne based hot sauce is preferred), Liquid Smoke, 1/4th … Continue reading

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Chocolate Peanutbutter Waffles

This isn’t a complicated dish, but seriously I have to tell you if you do not know… that there is vegan chocolate peanut butter. Our pals, Peanut Butter & Co make it, and it’s absolutely amazing. I usually eat it … Continue reading

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Whacky Gluten Free Stuffed Peppers

Good lord was this good. These raw peppers were cut at the top, and stuffed with a blend of veggies and half-mashed-blackbeans. Ingredients black beans (can – mash them up a bit) kale – chopped (2 cups) white onion(1/4th) cellery(cut … Continue reading

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