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Tempeh Salad in Red Cabbage with Avocado

This is a delicious, easy, super quick, and super versatile recipe. Have fun and like always, get creative with it!

-1 brick tempeh (this recipe can easily be halved, quartered, doubled, whatever you like!)
-quarter red onion (or scallions- diced)
-3 stalks of celery (diced)
-quarter cup of dried cranberries (or a couple handfuls- chopped)
vegenaise (amount depends on your preference and how much tempeh you use)
rive vinegar (or apple cider vinegar- just a splash)
liquid smoke (two or three drops)
liquid aminos (about 1 tablespoon)
nutritional yeast (2 to 3 tablespoons)
herbs (we used generous amounts of garlic powder, pepper, and parsley)

We always like to steam our tempeh in a pan for a few minutes first, especially before marinating. We find it absorbs much more flavor while you marinade.

Once you take it off the pan, chop your tempeh into bite sized pieces and then place in a small bowl in your fridge to cool down. Meanwhile, make your dressing in a medium sized bowl, big enough to fit your entire tempeh salad.

Mix together a couple spoonfuls of vegenaise with the splash of rice of vinegar,  tablespoon of liquid aminos, and a few drops of your liquid smoke. Now mix in your herbs and nutritional yeast. Taste your dressing and adjust to your liking.

Add to the bowl your diced red onion, celery, chopped dried cranberries, and tempeh pieces from the fridge.

Mix together and place your tempeh salad back in the fridge anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours. We find that the longer you let cold salads sit refrigerated, the more the flavors of your ingredients come out.

Service in red cabbage leaves for a great gluten free meal and a few slices of avocado if you like!

Enjoy 🙂


Tempeh Salad in Red Cabbage with Avocado

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