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Thai Nut Wraps (hah.)

I am so happy to share this one! This has been my favorite raw meal I’ve made myself in a little bit. It was spot on, and extra delicious.

If you like Thai, Indian, or anything similar, you are going to love this, because I did 🙂 .

Thai Nut Wraps


Combine these in a Blender (feeds 2-3):

Almonds (2 cups | pre-sliced is easier for bad blenders)
Ginger Root (.3 of an inch | or use about a tsp of powdered to start and work your way up)
Lemon (1/8th? deseeded)
Red Onion (1/4th cup)
Curry Powder
Garlic, plenty
Thai Chili Peppers, cut
aaaaaaand a little bit of the following:
fennel, clove, cardamom, anise, caraway, cilantro, and bayleaf (got this in a Balti Curry Spice Blend from some store. GET IT.)
Olive Oil and water to get it moving
then a good bit of Salt (Himalayan!) and a little Pepper to taste

Take out some large, whole Collard Green Leaves.

Lay down some Choped Green Pepper (1 medium->small)

thai nut wrap


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