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Top 5 Vegan Dog Treats

Your plant-based diet has changed your life, so why not pass on the awesome benefits to your dog? While it’s debatable that dogs can eat purely vegan, there is definitely room to cut back on cured meat snacks, replacing them with nutritious vegetable-centric foods. In fact, their owners reported great benefits such as healthier, shinier coats, the resolution of skin problems and a decrease in offensive odors. The good news is that there are many varieties of quality plant-based dog food on the market today. If you’re concerned that your pup might not want to give up his favorite treats, don’t worry. Here are five vegan dog treats that are sure to make him sit up and beg.

1. V-Dog Breathbones

There’s nothing worse than leaning in for a snuggle from your furry friend to be hit with a blast of smelly dog breath. These bones can help freshen breath and aid in dental health. Each package includes six bones, and each bone is four inches long. That means they’ll keep your pooch happily gnawing for a while. In addition to being cruelty-free, V-Dog’s treats are always free from corn, soy, wheat and fillers so they are a great choice for dogs with sensitive tummies. Made with your dog’s health in mind, they include superfoods such as spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and chia seeds. The added cinnamon and parsley work to freshen breath which means you won’t have to dodge your dog’s kisses anymore.

2. Raw Paws Grain-Free Sweet Potato Training Treats

If you have a small dog or are working on training, these tiny treats are an awesome choice. Each treat is only two calories so you can stop worrying about overfeeding your puppy and focus on perfecting those commands! Made from pure dried sweet potatoes grown in the United States, they are packed with antioxidants and disease-fighting nutrients to support your pet’s health. Sometimes simple is best, and these treats are just that.

3. Halo Healthsome Natural Dog Treats

Some dogs just can’t get enough peanut butter. Add in the pleasant sweetness of pumpkin and you’ve got a treat your dog is sure to love. While those are the dominant flavors, these gluten-free, crunchy bones also include pumpkin, tomatoes, apples, sweet potato, cranberries, carrots, split peas and broccoli. Halo is committed to providing pet food without GMOs that provides complete and balanced nutrition for your fur baby. In addition to all of that, every time you buy Halo pet products, the company donates a bowl of cat or dog food to shelters. Now that’s a treat you can feel good about!

4. Three Paws Gourmet Chia Seed Strawberry Coconut Cream Treats

These treats look so good, you might be tempted to steal a bite! The ingredients include organic garbanzo flour, peanut butter, coconut milk, coconut cream, chia seeds, strawberry extract, and beet powder for a sweet and tasty treat. The benefits of coconut oil for humans are well-known, but dogs can also gain from including it in their diet. It has been shown to support the immune system, metabolic function and bone health, as well as aid in digestion. Not only is this company committed to providing delicious and high-quality treats, it also makes a tremendous effort to give back. Three Paws Gourmet partners with the Eisenhower Center to provide jobs for people with disabilities, and a portion of the proceeds from every bag is donated to Farm Sanctuary.

5. Grandma Lucy’s Organic Baked Dog Treats

Grandma Lucy’s Treats come in a variety of tempting flavors such as Pumpkin, Blueberry, Cranberry, Coconut, Peach, Apple and Banana and Sweet Potato. Try them all, and find your dog’s favorite! The treats are not made in a big industrial factory, but in a bakery by pet parents who care about safety, nutrition and taste just as much as you do. These cute bear-shaped bites are USDA organic, certified Kosher and free of artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors.

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