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Vegan Cheese? Great iDaiya!!!!!

THE BEST OF THE BEST VEGAN CHEESE IS HERE. It’s Daiya. This cheese comes in two forms, shredded and wedge. The shredded is PERFECT for making pizza and the wedge is great for pairing with crackers and wine, if you like to drink a bit. Daiya has it’s own cheesy taste. When I first had it I described it as “a real cheese I’ve never had before.” Daiya cheese is by far my favorite cheese alternative, and it is what convinced me to go vegan. Well, Daiya and my friends’ fantastic cooking. See Raw Cook(?) Chef Elyse‘s website for some inspiration. I’m waiting on my other pals to get around to putting their own recipes online. Until then, stay on this blog. Forever, actually.

Daiya Shreds

daiya wedges








Since cutting out dairy is (probably) the most important step for your health, try Daiya and Teese Cheese. Enjoy, and spread the cruelty free love. Every package you buy of this, instead of dairy, is actualized love in the purest form. Support plant based products. 🙂

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