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Chickpea (tuna inspired) Salad!

Half mash some Chickpeas (some crunchy, some mushy)

Then add the following ingredients:
Red onion
Tamari (pour softly!
(dried and cut up)
Dill, garlic, Tumeric, Cumin, Cayenne, liquid smoke, mustard, nutritional yeast, old bay

and then the secret ingredient…
agave nectar!

put it in Napa cabbage or Lettuce or collard greens as a wrap (I used cabbage)

then enjoy! isn’t eating vegan delicious and easy?

Oh I now make this for ZenWay Natural Foods Market in Bay Shore, New York on Long Island. Come grab some if you live on the island!

Chickpea (tuna inspired) salad. Vegan!

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