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Vegan Shop Up 2 at Pine Box in Brooklyn

Shop up till you throw up. This month, I ate enough desert to fill two average men and one small child.

Out front I tried Vegan O’Brien‘s brownies, and they made me melt. This guy has been nothing but cool, and has fed us nothing but scrumptiousness.

We then strolled into the crowded bar and had one desert that made me laugh with joy. It was a raspberry crumble cake sandwich (improvised name), that tasted like my childhood. I regrettably didn’t have time to take a picture between my elation and encouraging other people to try what I was eating.

We have been wanting to checking out this Etheopian joint in Manhattan, Bunna Cafe, but haven’t made the time for it yet. So today, they came to us. They were set in the back of the bar, in the back room. I urge you to try their Misir Wot, which is red lentils, because they blew us VegosAmigos away.


We circled back after viewing the jewelry and goodies from the other 20 places I am not mentioning, and got to experience this absolute sweetheart’s cashew caramel treat. She (who’s name/business I can not remember) is there every time, set up by the door with a huge smile. She has covered trays and stacks of desserts. Get your hands on her great food as soon as you can, you will not be disappointed.


We stepped outside into the gloomy afternoon to see the shining angels in the Cinnamon Snail Truck. The most calm and happy people ever working out of a truck. Didn’t happen to eat any of their food, but gosh are they good to see.

We stepped aside to get out of the way of the modest line flow out the door as the event came to a close, and saw the tall giggly owner of Soul Kofa handing out chick’n parm, kale, mac n (daiya) cheese, and something else that occupied the now empty tray. Seriously every vendor at this place is in some tight knit society of supreme cookers and bakers, and they only allow the best in there.. This too, was great. Maybe I’m just getting lucky, but every place I’ve chosen the past two months has surprised me with how well they can make their products.

get fed!


And just in case you have a friend that you’d like to bring, and the food isn’t convincing them AND they like to drink alcohol, check out this bar menu.


They also have spicy-ass bloody marys, including the Holiday in Cambodia that won an award at the 2013 Hot Sauce Expo’s Bloody Mary Mix Down. DK all day.

Holiday in Cambodia

See you next month!

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