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Mexican Veggie Stir Fry with Daiya

Veggie Stir Fry with Daiya

This one was easy and scrumptious. It goes great with our cashew sour cream.


Black Beans
Yellow or White Onion
Baby Kale
Coconut Oil

Chipotle Powder
Cayenne Powder
Smoked Paprika
Black Pepper


First lay down a bed of spinach and baby kale in a large-large bowl. You could use lettuce instead, but the nutritional value of these dark greens towers over lettuce like an angry dad over his kid who burnt the living room carpet (BTTF – Mr. McFly).
Cut up some cucumbers and tomatoes and toss them on top. Hold some tomatoes aside for the stir fry, because raw and cooked tomatoes have significantly different tastes. In fact, I only started liking raw tomatoes recently, due to self-enforced repeated exposure. It was worth it 😀

Next chop the broccoli into large pieces and thow them into a pan with a quarter inch of water. Turn it up on med/high and cook it for about 3.5 minutes until they look a bit neon. Haha, doesn’t mean they are GMO or something, they do that. Chop some onions and garlic while you wait. I like a lot of these two ingredients.

Drain the water and throw in some coconut oil. Next, toss in your onion and garlic. This will cook into the broccoli a bit, and the results are tasty. Broccoli is a taste sponge, so add all of the spices now with just these few ingredients in the pan.

Cook until the onions are yellowish brown, then add all of your other ingredients other than the leaves and cucumbers. Include some tomatoes from before.

Once this is smelling great, give it a taste. How is it? A bit bland? Add a little salt, or a little more of all of your spices. Not so Mexican? Add more cumin!

Next, add your daiya right on top of the veggies and give it a mix. Let it cook for a minute or less, and flip it. Let it cook for another 45 seconds and mix it around. Make sure that it is all melted, and a little is getting toasty around the edges of your pan. Just like animal cheese, this is your ticket to tasty-town.

Time to toss that stuff into your huge bowl and get down! Add hot sauce to this thing, and maybe some of that cashew sour cream.

enjoy! so much!

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