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Whacky Gluten Free Stuffed Peppers

Good lord was this good.

These raw peppers were cut at the top, and stuffed with a blend of veggies and half-mashed-blackbeans.


  1. black beans (can – mash them up a bit)
  2. kale – chopped (2 cups)
  3. white onion(1/4th)
  4. cellery(cut into thin slivers then chopped)
  5. jalapenos with seeds (two medium sized)
  6. avocado
  7. peppers (chopped)
  8. nutritional yeast (choose spices/yeast according to your taste)
  9. garlic – spice
  10. cayenne – spice
  11. tumeric – spice
  12. curry – spice

Sautee all of these together, and stuff two spoons full into the raw pepper, then put a large slice avocado in, and top off with bean/veggie blend.



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