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What’s on my food? Finding out the pesticides and neurotoxins in conventionally grown food.

We all hear how much better organic food is for us. We hear about the slowly debilitating chemicals in our processed food, and fruits and vegetables alike. Never have I been able to find out exactly which ones are on which foods, until now.

Check out to see how many foreign chemicals are on your food.

Here are some examples:

  1. 14 of the 52 pesticide residues found on blueberries are neutotoxins, which can harm brain development & contribute to falling IQs.
  2. 6 suspected hormone disruptors were found on cranberries. These chemicals are linked to cancers, obesity, & developmental disorders.
  3. Altrazine, a pesticide, is found in 94% of US drinking water. Banned in Europe, altrazine disrupts hormone systems.

Keep yourself save, keep yourself informed.

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