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WTF Vegan Food + WFAS Party: Recap

This party was a blast.

Hosted in the Top of the Garden event space, we had rooftop access and modern aesthetics. The crowd rolled in at 7PM sharp, on the crisp August 22nd night. The party quickly gained momentum, as it was clear, nobody wanted to miss or waste a second.

I have never experienced as strong of a community as this one. Every person we talked to was friendly and encouraging. We saw the likes of Nom Yourself, The Vegan Zombie, The Blonde Vegan, Vegan Treats, Veggietorials, Vegucated, Eatpastry, the Collard Cowgirl, Fruit n Veggie Nazi, and plenty of other beautiful veggie-famous faces (that’s a particularly wonderful kind of famous).

We were surrounded by smiling faces full of both gratitude and Jay Astafa‘s cooking. AND THE FOOD, oh god the food. There were cashew mozzarella caprese pops, mac-n-cheese bites, chilled corn soup shooters, tofu crab cakes, mini seitan sliders… The list goes on and on. I feel excited just writing about them, like there should be a musical or at least one Disney song about ’em.

We had the honors of serving Jay’s food with the assistance of Erin Red, who was orchestrating things like a champ.

We were entertained by a wonderful/hysterical flash dance and the beautiful songs of Paulo Coelho. There were Reed’s Kombuchas and Lilu drinks used to make some delectable fresh and flashy cocktails. There was even a photobooth with silly props and vegan hashtags (pic float:left). Couples gazed at the high-end Auction Baskets with joy as they fantasized about visiting the location featured in each respective basket.

These pictures were taken by Drew B. Photography.



Kristin of WTF Vegan Food, taking care of business.


The Vegan Zombie!

Some of the Amigos.

Amazing time. Amazing people.
Thanks to Drew B. Photography for the photos!

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