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Yerba Maté with me.

There are so many reasons why Yerba Maté makes you feel incredible.

1. It aids in digestion
This Yerba (herb) has helped me maintain excellent regularity. Everyone is different, but this probably will do good things for you in this department.

2. Antioxidant heaven
Its like drinking 9 green teas’ worth.
I don’t like cancer much, and this has been proven to fight it.

3. Improves circulation
With this comes better physical endurance and healthier cells. Lookin young and feelin’ fun.

4. So many vitamins.
24 of them including B, C and potassium and zinc. Who wants to feel happy? Drink up.

Yerba Mate

While understanding the risk of sounding like a crazy person, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I feel my consciousness lift subtly and softly to another plane after a few rounds. It’s not only being caffeinated. I feel more alert, aware, and understanding.

I mean, having a pretty clean diet for a couple of years and cleansing often definitely helps you appreciate the nutrients,so don’t necessarily expect to talk to god, haha. Especially if your body is not the most clean and efficient. Everyone and their bodies appreciate things differently at different rates.

Yerba usually has 1/4th to 3/4ths the amount of caffeine in a serving of coffee. I enjoy 3-5 rounds of a 3/4ths full gourd, usually.

Oh, and make sure you share! This South American delight has a history of communal bonding tied to it, and when the tradition is embraced, wonderful conversations ensue. Have someone you love, or just love to talk to? Circle some mate and experience a very fluid and higher energy time. It’s really interesting and beautiful.

Try this smokey leaf beverage as soon as you can. It’s definitely best enjoyed from a gourd with loose leaf tea but even those great Guayaki cold drinks are powerful. Quite tasty too if you enjoy sweet drinks.

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